200 km from Douala, the port city and economic capital and 300 km from Yaoundé, the political capital , Bana , headquarter of the district of the same name is one of the most powerful of the 120 chiefdoms of the Bamileke region in the highlands of West Cameroon . Bana is now a major tourist destination in the region due to ease of access and especially the quality of the facilities that were built from the late 1990s. Like most e African countryside, Bana suffers from urban bias , but thanks to the combined effects of the local elite and the Diaspora efforts , the hope of an endogenous development in Africa reborn after even short trip to Bana . Led by Dr Emil Hatcheu Tchawe, the JCAD coordinator The movie, raises some major issues of socio -economic development of rural Africa . Topics include among other agricultural development , urbanization, governance, tontine and funerals.